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handy_sparehand's Journal

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John Smith (The Doctor)
12 October
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Doctor John Smith.

Also Handy. Spare hand. Ten point five. Ten point two. Metacrisis. DonnaDoctor. Ten Two. Duplicate Doctor. New Ten. Ten and a half. Nine-Ten. New Doctor. Other Doctor. Other Ten. Blue Doctor. Not Stripes. Blue Ten. The Lucky Bastard. Don't actually call him by those unless your last name happens to be Tyler or Smith, and probably not even then. It's rude.

He was born of fire and blood and rage, born in battle and committed genocide shortly after he was born. But it wasn't that simple. He is the half of the DoctorDonna that survived the Metacrisis, the half (quarter, but we don't mention that) Timelord with only one heart and a TARDIS barely younger than he.

He had a very complicated birth, and a very disorienting adjusting period, but Rose Tyler was there, and as his 'parent', the 'original' had said, she healed his scars, helped him to find peace with who he was, and what his creation meant for his dearest friend. She taught him to love and live as a human, and he taught her a good bit in return. Of course, he's still not the Doctor, not quite, because he's got Donna in him, as well, but he'd like to think he got the best bits of both.

Now they travel the new universe, Rose Tyler, The Doctor, and the TARDIS (young as it is). As it should be.

Note: This Doctor has no designated Rose. He loves them all equally XD Currently, he has no verses, either. He exists solely to spread the Handy love.

Social capital

  • less than 10